Cepheus, Land of the Gods

Originally, the Gods created Nammu, and shared the lands of the continent Céphéus.

Lunae, Goddess of the Night, chooses the eye island at the center of the world. Asthor the Sun God, went to the West to found Dereïs. Garthag, the Dragon God, settled further north, in the heart of the volcano of Merlinae. It overlooked Tubéreuse the realm of Löwe, the Lion God. Voon, the Wolf God, chose the north and the Steppes of Lordion, whereas Foros, the Bull God, roamed the fertile plains of Grinardie. The rocky lands of the East pleased Reänkal the Spider God, who founded Fourgance, whereas Arrhod  the God Phoenix, took possession of the Purple Marshes further south. The Eagle God, Anzû, for its part, chooses the peaks of Framentor and Børl, the Bear God, the forests of Jonturas. To conclude, Anka, the Unicorn God, and Mirrash, the Monkey God, shared the jungles of the south. Only the arid desert of the southeast remained where the Snake God established his den in Yllurie.

Note on artwork

In the Valombreuse universe, creativity and immersion are at the heart of the experience. We aim to offer players a vivid and captivating vision of our fantasy world, where adventures come to life through our descriptions and illustrations. However, in our creative journey, we were faced with a major challenge: producing quality illustrations without sacrificing the project's economy.

That's where Stable Diffusion graphic AI comes in, a technology that allowed us to reconcile our desire to enrich the world of Valombreuse with insp

It's essential to understand that our team, made up mainly of role-playing enthusiasts, doesn't claim to be professional illustrators. We aspire to offer an exceptional gaming experience, and while we firmly believe in the importance of illustrations in stimulating players' imaginations, we are also aware of our limitations in terms of artistic skills.

However, it's important to stress that our use of graphic AI does not mean that we underestimate the work of professional illustrators. On the contrary, we have the highest regard for their talent and expertise. Our choice stems primarily from an economic reality: as a fledgling project, Valombreuse does not yet have the financial resources to hire professional illustrators.

We intend to rectify this situation as soon as the project generates sufficient revenue. The role of professional illustrator is one of our priorities, as we believe in the value they bring to artistic creation. Until then, Stable Diffusion's graphic AI has enabled us to provide a visual overview of Valombreuse within our budgetary constraints.